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Let us help you stop writing shitty articles about fanfic.

More than a decade after the Harry Potter craze kicked fanfic culture straight into the mainstream, we’re still seeing regular appearances from that most embarrassing of journalistic genres: the poorly researched thinkpiece expressing shock, horror, bemusement, and condescension for fandom and the (mostly female) fans who write fanfiction.

So for anyone out there who has just been hired to explain the intricacies of fanfic culture to a confused and ill-informed audience, here are a few misconceptions we can get out of the way before you even start:

Myth: Reporters should ask celebrities what they think about the awkward fanfic fans write about them

No. First of all, asking a celebrity to simply “react” to fanfiction being written about the fictional character they portray (and occasionally the actor themselves) is actually shorthand for “I’m a lazy reporter who would rather exploit fans than do the work of rounding up real questions for this interview.”

Secondly, this celebrity who is having lots of slash written about them has already been asked about their thoughts on slash by the other 145 million unoriginal reporters who came along before you and went, “What can I do to be edgy? Oh, I know, I’ll show them the fanfiction about them on the Internet!” They are sick of being asked this question.

Thirdly, depending on any number of personal/social/contextual factors that have nothing to do with the show, the fandom, or the content of the fanfic, being asked about fanfic could make them feel uncomfortable, which means you were just rude and invasive for stupid reasons.


(In which Gav and Aja attempt to debunk every terrible article ever written on fanfic, which we hopefully will never have to read again.)

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Off to see Belle and Sebastian at the Commonwealth games opening! Should be a blast =D

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Go vote for Sterek in Round 1 here > http://www.thebacklot.com/slash-madness-round-1/07/2014/4/

We’re just a few hundred votes ahead folks, wincest closed a gap of thousands last night so let’s get voting! =)

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accordingtomel replied to your post “The adaptation of Malia Tate”

But if Malia’s specifically trying to be more like Lydia, wouldn’t that just support Stydia more than anything? Like Jennifer used Stiles to get to Derek, she’s using Lydia to get to Stiles. Doesn’t seem to support Sterek. Unless I’m seeing it wrong?

I didn’t talk about Sterek in that post, did I? *checks* Nope.

Okay, I thought I was misremembering things for a sec, and had talked about some interesting Sterek theory. :)

I didn’t talk about Sterek in that post, because I think Malia has her own storyline. There are several possible reasons for what we’re seeing. Here are the ones I can think of so far.

Unlikely but possible:

  • She’s not Malia Tate. We just assume she is. But she’s actually someone else masquerading as Malia Tate and has been from day one. This is possible, as we don’t have any hard proof and we’ve not seen her with her father since 3B. She could be the daughter of one of our earlier villains like Jennifer. Or she could have been groomed by Deucalion, Kate, Victoria, Talia. Who knows.
  • She’s Malia Tate and out for revenge on Stiles, who mucked up her sister’s grave and Malia’s happy life as a coyote. This is stage one of her plan, where she gets close, before ruining his life too. I don’t buy this, because we haven’t seen her staring longingly at the woods or anything, and we have seen her stare longingly at Stiles.
  • She’s Malia Hale, and in cahoots with Peter, and working some kind of con with him.

The ones I think are more likely:

  • She’s Malia Tate, exactly what she seems, and this is her awkward attempt to adapt and fit in. Bait and switch! We’ve been made to suspect her, and it turns out she’s not the villain, just like Derek in S1.
  • She’s Malia Tate, but has a set of powers we haven’t really seen yet, and these changes are the outward signs. She might be a lamia, or succubus. She’s getting close to members of the pack so she can feed off them. This could be innocent, in that she doesn’t really understand what she’s doing, or it could be malicious. In this scenario, she’s possibly using Lydia as a template to seduce Stiles, because back in the woods as a coyote she saw them hug and assumed that meant they were close; this could be a foreshadowing of Stydia, or Sterek by parallel to Jennifer.
  • She’s Malia Tate, but she has a dark traveller with its own agenda — she’s possessed in other words, a bit like Stiles was last season, but with less death so far. I think this is very likely. I think the dark traveller could be Jennifer Blake, because what we’re seeing Malia do is the same M.O. Jennifer used on Derek in 3A. In this scenario, Jennifer is using Malia to get close to Stiles and Lydia because they are key to her plans for some reason. This could also become a parallel between Stiles and Derek, which furthers the Sterek plotline, or it could be used to further Stiles/Lydia, or it could be a link to Stiles’ Nogi plotline, but that would be additional to Malia/Jennifer’s primary plot, whatever that may be.

Right now, Malia could be a lot of things. One of them is a parallel to Sterek, but even if that happens, it will only be as fall-out from her main plot, which has yet to play out.

I’m not sure I particularly like the idea of her being a bait and switch. I re-watched S3b recently and my suspicions rose (I think she’s a very different character in 3b compared to S4). When Derek appeared in S1 he was introduced as a creeper who appeared out of nowhere in the woods. In fact, all of his scenes were so intensely, ridiculously “creeper-like” that I knew right off the bat he was going to be some kind of misunderstood anti-hero - an antagonist as opposed to a villain. I think very few people were surprised he wasn’t the villain the PR made him out to be - if he had been, he would have been a laughably pantomime-esque villain.

Malia’s introduction is less cut and dry. When we first meet her, a lot of attention is paid to her tragic back-story, painting her in a far more sympathetic light than Stiles’ description of Derek’s own tragic back-story did in S1. She’s the focus of a rescue mission and later becomes an ally in Eichen House, but at the same time we’re fed little bits of information about coyote tricksters (coyotes “tiptoe”, they’re insatiable, they’re always hungry). Malia is more “Derek like” in Eichen House, but her actions are very odd. I thought she helped Stiles a little to readily, her moods switch so quickly. The Malia we met at the beginning of S3b, the Malia we met in Eichen House, the Malia we have in S4 - they’re almost like three different characters and it makes it very hard to get a grip on her. Also, if Derek had put the moves on, say, Allison in S1 the way Stiles and Malia hooked up in the basement of Eichen House, I’d be more inclined to say Malia is a similar bait and switch.

When she and Oliver stage their fight so Stiles can grab the keys to the basement, Oliver shouts over and over again “You’re a liar, you’re a liar!” He then goes on to say ‘she said they drill holes in your head’, which later connects to the scene between Stiles/Oliver/Malia/Nogi in the basement. It could be nothing, but on re-watch it made me go ‘huh’.

Personally, I love neutral trickster characters out to cause a bit of chaos. I want Malia to be out for herself, the show’s very own Anansi - I’d even love for her to have some connection to Jennifer. There’s so much that’s off about her character, so much talk in 3b about never trusting a coyote, and so much ‘YOU’LL LOVE MALIA OMG!’ wank in the PR that I really hope the pay-off is something spectacular. I for one would be really disappointed if she was all she appears to be.

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Constructive criticism and Davis



mifletset replied to your post “accordingtomel replied to your post “The adaptation of Malia Tate” But…”

I think she’s exactly what she seems, and there’s no bait-and-switch. We’re not even supposed to suspect her. We’re supposed to find her charming. The reason that some of us do find her actions suspicious is the usual: Jeff’s crappy writing…

That… doesn’t make any sense. Davis has made poor writing choices in the show — I can think of half a dozen examples off the top of my head. But this? I don’t see how you even got to your conclusion.

Thinking about it, I can see two possible ways Malia’s changing look could potentially be attributed to “crappy writing”, but none of them hold water.

Reason 1 - Davis doesn’t care how she looks

This is less a problem with writing than with showrunning. Writers often don’t spend a lot of script time on costuming, hair and make-up, because it’s not their job. They’ll write about how the character’s personality or job is reflected in their look. For instance: She wears a suit so sharply creased it could cut you if you brushed against it. And then it turns out the character is an assassin. Or: Even his grunge had grunge. His blond dreds were grey with grime, and his fingers stained with nicotine, but his pants were clearly $600 designer grunge-wear, now covered in a sheen of stale alcohol. Or: he looked like he’d just stepped out of a 1940s recruitment poster, and he had a smile that lit up the room. Every woman wanted him, and every man did too.

What then happens is that the costume/wardrobe crew, the make-up and hair crew, the props crew, and the actor themselves take that description and collaborate to come up with a look that suits the character. The showrunner will usually sign off on this, but won’t usually micromanage, because the crew are experts at what they do.

In the case of Teen Wolf, the wardrobe choices are also influenced by product placement deals. So generally, the costume crew try to give each character a distinctive look, so that the actors show their clothes off like a mannequin, in addition to the clothes being for characterisation. Stiles wears plaid. Scott is classic denim and jeans, with red as a feature now he’s alpha. Lydia is florals and pinks and high heels. Kira is tights and cute jackets.

Malia started off kind of boho and sporty, which was a cute look, but now wavers between Kira and Lydia. Nope. That’s not how product placement of this type works.

In other words, there’s really strong reasons for Malia to have one style and stick with it, and three teams, other than the writing team, who have major creative input in her look. They’ve managed a consistent look for every other character, over several seasons, and Davis has been writer/showrunner all that time.

This kind of change doesn’t happen by accident. It just doesn’t make sense that suddenly no-one cares when it comes to Malia, when they are consistent for every other character.

Reason 2 - Davis wrote her that way for a “crappy” reason

So, it’s on purpose, but rather than given Malia decent characterisation that makes sense, Davis decided to just use constant costuming, hair and make-up changes to tell us Malia is struggling with adapting. We’re meant to think it’s cute and charming. She’s trying!

Okay, so if that’s the reason, why make it so subtle some people might not even notice? Why not give her a cliched make-over scene (where they can do more product placement and make their sponsors happy), or have her ask Lydia or Kira (or Stiles, LOL) for help?

I just don’t find the excuse of “crappy writing” convincing in this case. If costuming/wardrobe, make-up, hair and props (all separate teams) are going to all that effort, but it’s just for a superficial reason, why make it so subtle? Why not make money off it?

Even the dumbest showrunner in the world wouldn’t do that, and Davis has managed his show for four seasons, so he’s not the dumbest, even if he’s not a gift.

Or… Davis wrote her that way for a plot reason which hasn’t paid off yet

It’s on purpose and there’s a reason. It’s subtle at the moment because it’s a building arc, but we’re meant to notice and wonder what it means.

I’m not ruling out that Davis’ plot for her might end up falling flat. It could still turn out to be a stupid reason, like a bait-and-switch, or Malia is mimicking Lydia to get Stiles’ attention, because she thinks that’s how it works for humans. Or it could turn out to be a more interesting reason, like she’s not what she seems and is playing some kind of con.

But either way, it’s intentional. It didn’t happen by accident or because no-one cares. At least three teams of people in addition to Davis made this change happen, and happen in a progression over several episodes.

That’s why I disagree with your explanation that “We’re not even supposed to suspect her. We’re supposed to find her charming. The reason that some of us do find her actions suspicious is the usual: Jeff’s crappy writing…”

In this particular case, that argument makes no sense at all. Davis deserves to be called out when he does dumb stuff, but this doesn’t (yet) fit the bill.

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Sexuality Isn’t Important…but leading characters have to be straight



The totally bisexual, bisexual “Constantine,” isn’t going to be bisexual on NBC’s non-bisexual tv adaptation of the bisexual comic series.

When asked about this at the Television Critics Association’s semi-annual press tour Sunday, executive producer Daniel Cerone ran down the various editions of the character that have existed since the demon fighter was introduced in 1985 to suggest his sexuality is not a crucial aspect of the character (nearly all of the character’s relationships in the comics have been with women). “In those comic books, John Constantine aged in real time,” he said. “Within this tome of three decades [of comics] there might have been one or two issues where he’s seen getting out of bed with a man. So [maybe] 20 years from now? But there are no immediate plans.”


Ah, so if Constantine had, had same sex relationships since his first appearance in the not-at-all homophobic year of 1985 and dated men and women 50/50, then we would have a bisexual character?


And I’m kind of joke incapable today, that “20 years from now” thing was meant to garner laughs right? Like “wouldn’t it be hilarious if any tv show at all ran for 20 years,” or “who the fuck wants to see a bisexual lead a tv show in the year 2014, hahahahaha.”

But where are all the fanboys? Why are these guys not up in arms about this. The ones who were angry about black Heimdall, hostile towards the suggestion that a black guy play James bond. Laughed at the idea of a bisexual spiderman. And confused by the idea of Chris Evans play Steve Rogers because your favourite hero is blonde and the concept of hair-dye disappeared from the public conscience. They threw in “strong” arguments such as “but what if Micheal Cera played Shaq?”, and “what if Micheal Cera played MLK,” and we can’t forget the classic “what if Micheal Cera played Black Panther.”

So where are these guys who so fiercely protect the canon with these odd Micheal Cera comparisons while ignoring Hollywoods history of whitewashing and straightwashing. Why are they oh so conveniently silent regarding this non-straight character…

interesting factlet about this, the show is taken over by Neil Marshall after the pilot, now Neil Marshall is famous for such movies as Dog Soldiers, Doomsday, The Descent, Centurion etc, and is the king of snarky dialogue and bonding

when asked about this he started laughing and would not stop, in the I have a secret kind of way

I would not be surprised if Marshall slips it past the channel when he gets the opportunity, just because he can - but we can hope

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Need more variation….! Quick little break doodles every now and then from the monitor, otherwise my eyes will tire out a lot faster. 

It might be a while before I have any fleshed out digital posts, so I’ll keep my blog alive with sketchbook draws every now and then! Adult life is busy @__@;; 

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Daughter of a gun (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ No idea if such a thing existed but surely there had to be girls born on board in the Age of Sail?

*puts on obnoxious historian hat*

*clears throat*

there were actually tons of women and girls on board ships during the age of sail and it’s really cool history that no one!!! ever!!! talks about!!! 

like captains of merchant ships used to bring their wives and children on board for long voyages all the time (and of course there were plenty of well known female pirate ship captains, and women cross-dressing as men, and prostitutes that more people seem to know of)

there’s actually a really amazing story of one woman, Mary Ann Patten who was the wife of the captain of this ship called Neptune’s Car. Captain Patten decided that he wanted her onboard with him and she was super about this and learned all about navigation and sailing and everything. so this one voyage they’re going around the tip of south america when her husband gets sick and is bed ridden with a fever right as the ship sails into one of the worst storms any of the crew had ever seen and it looks like they might lose the ship or have to stop

so you know who takes over??? the first mate??? 



she took over the whole crew and sailed that ship through freezing water and pack ice and had it coasting smoothly into the san francisco harbour like it was nothing. and she did this all at age 19. while pregnant.

at one point the first mate tried to get the crew to mutiny against her but they all rallied with her and told him to shut the heck up because she obv knew what she was doing.

there’s a great book about women in the age of sail called ‘female tars’ by suzanne stark that i cannot recommend enough and has way more amazing stories and insights about the myriad roles women and girls played aboard ship during that time period.

(sorry i totally didn’t mean to hijack your post i love all of your art and this is gorgeous i just got over excited sorry sorry sorry)

We need links!

Female Tars: Women Aboard Ship in the Age of Sail by Suzanne Stark

Hen Frigates: Passion and Peril, Nineteenth-Century Women at Sea by Joan Druett

Hen Frigates: Wives of Merchant Captains Under Sail by Joan Druett

Iron Men, Wooden Women: Gender and Seafaring in the Atlantic World, 1700-1920 edited by Margaret S. Creighton and Lisa Norling

Petticoat Whalers: Whaling Wives at Sea, 1820-1920 by Joan Druett

Sea Queens: Women Pirates Around the World by Jane Yolen

Seafaring Women: Pirate Queens, Female Stowaways and Sailors’ Wives by David Cordingly

The Captain’s Best Mate: The Journal of Mary Chipman Lawrence on the Whaler Addison, 1856-1860 by Mary Chipman Lawrence

Women Sailors and Sailors’ Women: An Untold Maritime History by David Cordingly


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okay yeah, so remember the code WE had to crack in order to get the trailer? remember all those passwords? they’re all tiny little clues about important things of this season. let’s see:

  • 117 (million dolars)
  • 2436 (Meredith’s number)
  • Demarco (the beer deliver werewolf guy)
  • Brett (yet…

Hm, regarding the “decade” password - in S3a, didn’t Deaton tell Stiles he did something ten years ago, something he was running from and trying to forget? That could have something to do with the decade password, it hasn’t come up yet and Deaton’s past is fairly shady.

Currently, my money’s on Araya for the Benefactor, but she seems too simple an answer.

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you’re a spark without flame
i’m a desert in the rain
you’re a mountain and I’m a stepping stone
so walk away from your pride
it’s a demon is disguise
and it won’t help you to calm the swelling tide

Sterek Week: Day 5 - Based On A Song

Human by Gabrielle Aplin

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