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And then I wanted to color it •<•;

Derek huffed out a little laugh as Stiles’ forehead pressed against his.

"What’s so funny?"

"You," Derek answered into the small, private space between their faces. Stiles responded by rubbing the pliable cartilage of his nose against Derek’s. He snorted. "Eskimo kisses? Really?" He could hear Stiles’ grin pull at the corners of his lips before he even saw it.

"What? I figured you’d like it, what with your touchy-feely werewolf powers and your ridiculous sense of smell, and all."

"Well I don’t," Derek snorted again, "so stop."

"Aww, c’mon," Stiles intoned, mocking whine on his voice, "don’t be such a sourwolf."

Derek growled. “I thought I told you to stop calling me that.” Stiles shrugged.

"I hear what I wanna hear, you know that." It was true. Derek had told Stiles important things, things that just seemed to slip in one ear and right out the other one. He’d also told him little stuff. Day-to-day shit that he saw happen at work, or some random thought on a movie, and those were the things that Stiles remembered. The ones that he threw back at Derek randomly when they were out shopping, or trying to find a movie to watch for low-key date night (it’s a thing, shut up). "and I’ll never stop calling you that."

"You’re an absolute moron," Derek chuckled, "You know that?"

"Yeah but I’m your absolute moron,” Stiles answered, nosing at him again. Derek snorted at the sensation. “Sourwolf.”

"Unfortunately," he sighed, as if it were the most inconvenient thing in the world. Stiles’ grin deepened. "Only because I haven’t found a humane way to get rid of you yet."

"Please, like you would actually try."

"Enh, I’ve had my moments," Derek admitted jokingly. Although, there were definitely times when he wanted to whack Stiles’ head against the steering wheel again. But he resisted the urge.

"Wait… Seriously?" Stiles pulled his head back and Derek watched as the pupils in the middle of those big, beautiful, amber-brown irises dilated in surprise. It made something tighten against his chest. Stiles always did have that effect on him, though.

"No, dumbass," Derek admitted, as if it were ridiculous for Stiles to even suggest the notion. Because it kind of was, actually. "I love you more than anything. You know that."

Stiles’ grin stretched from ear to ear. “You’re right, I do.” He settled back against Derek’s forehead, and rubbed a hand absentmindedly up and down his back. Derek felt a content hum start to vibrate in his chest. And for a moment, he was peaceful. Happy. 

Until Stiles licked his nose.

"What?" He asked, when Derek snarled at him, like he was completely fucking innocent. "You can’t even complain about werewolf kisses.”

Derek wasn’t laughing at that one. “Neither can you, then,” he growled, licking his lips. Stiles meeped.

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Harry Potter locations
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mathismylanguage: sterek: "Could you repeat that?"


"Yeah, sure, I can do— wait, could you repeat that?"

Derek grits his teeth, looks anywhere but at Stiles. “I’m doing the charity auction for the department and I need you to bid on me.”

Stiles’ spoon falls from his mouth, leaving a trail of ice cream dripping down his chin. It’s irritatingly appealing. 

"Dude," Stiles’ face breaks out into a huge grin, "Oh my god, seriously?!"

"Yes," Derek scowls at the floor, "Your dad asked, and after everything… I work for him, now. I couldn’t say no."

"That’s awesome! You’ll make a million bucks for the Memorial Foundation." Stiles pauses, frowns, "Why do you need me to bid on you? I don’t have a million bucks, dude."

"I’m not going to go for a million bucks, Christ, most people in town still think I’m terrifying."

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…because your otp doesn’t exist in canon.

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 Paul Bailey

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Fire Mermaids that live in lava, inspired by X

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Anonymous: If you weren't a sterek shipper , you would still be saying the same things about Scott . I always read your blog for the meta - understanding of the teen wolf universe. You are a big part of why I am still part of this fandom. Thank you. :)

Aw mate, that’s really sweet of you, cheers! ^^ I’m glad you enjoy my posts and reblogs. One of the things I really like about this show is that every single character has flaws, none of them are entirely innocent - in fact, most of them have done pretty awful things. I think the issue a lot of people take with Scott is that he shares many of the flaws other characters do, but he’s never criticised for it within the text. Instead, he’s held in high esteem and hailed as the hero who will save them all - hell, he even says so himself (*sexy M&S voice* He’s not just an Alpha, he’s a True Alpha).

I’m of the opinion that this is all purposeful, that Scott’s on the road to hell paved with good intentions. Again, I don’t think this is a bad thing. I think it’s a fascinating story and one I’m dying to see executed well for once. He’s Anakin Skywalker, except this time round our Anakin actually has likeable traits and interesting dynamics with other characters (can you tell I wasn’t a fan of the Star Wars prequels? XD), rendering Scott’s fall heartbreaking. And you’ve got to remember, if Scott is our Anakin, Anakin did redeem himself in the end. He faced his monster and his sacrifice saved the day.

Huh, now I’m wondering if Liam is our Luke… oh my god, that really fits. O_O

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