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bk4ek said: same with me! but with drawing cause I only feel like drawing late at night/dawn!!! DANG IT.

Haha yes, I get the middle-of-the-night art bug too! And the moment I lie down and close my eyes, my brain goes, *prod* “Hey” *prod prod* “Hey dude, I just came up with a really good story plot, wanna hear?” =_=

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Fanfic is terrible for my sleeping pattern

Whatcha reading?

Tonight it’s So Shed Your Skin and Lets Get Started by halfhardtorock, it’s not terribly long but I shouldn’t have opened it in the middle of the night. ^^;

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Fanfic is terrible for my sleeping pattern

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Anonymous: Derek's love interest will be revealed in the beginning of s4? how? isn't he supposed to be chained and tortured in the beginning and the pack will try to save him? what .. someone will sex him up while he's chained ? i don't get it ..





Well, yes, that’s something we’ve been puzzling over.

The (extremely) popular theory is that since Derek is theoretically going to be chained up, (sigh) he’s going to be escaping to the happy place in his head. Makes sense, right? Known psychological behavior when dealing with painful physical situations. Okay, and last time we saw Derek in his ‘Happy place’ he was with Stiles.


I’m not saying that the new love interest that we’re going to be seeing in early episodes is Stiles, except that I’m totally saying that the new love interest is Stiles. 

Frankly, I’ll be very happy if we get any kind of fantasy at all with Stiles, even if its not romantic. But I’ll be happier of it is a loving fantasy between them.

Holy shit! When was it said that Derek’s love interest will be revealed in the beginning of season 4? This leaves pretty much only one theory open which happens to be my fave theory x)

Seriously, that I didn’t know when exactly Derek was supposed to get that love interest was the worst for me because if it was gonna be somewhere in the middle of the season it sadly couldn’t be (dream!)Stiles because then Derek wouldn’t be captured anymore so it would have meant it was either gonna be Parrish or some other guy (yes guy). Especially since they would have had time to get closer by then. But that they apparently actually said that the LI is gonna be revealed at the beginning while we know that at the beginning Derek will be chained up somewhere in Mexico (and we got the spoiler a while back that whoever’s gonna be kidnapped will spend a few episodes being kidnapped so if that’s true the Stiles theory is even more likely!) which first wouldn’t make any sense that Derek would have a love interest while he’s held captive but then again, after the last dream scene of 3b, suddenly everything makes sense :)

I don’t wanna get my hopes up too high because it’s still Jeff but I can’t deny that I am cheering right now.

Hey sweetie! Here’s a link to the source for the ‘early in the season’ detail. We are all hoping this is a thing, with the knowledge that Jeff is a troll, so you can’t get too excited. 

But still. 

I wouldn’t get all excited. Who knows might be another evil woman putting the mind whammy on Derek, or he may have Stockholm syndrome or he may be desperate to feel something other than pain.

Knowing that they try to sell us images of Derek and Kate as romantic, or Derek and Jennifer as romantic I don’t trust this new romance.

Who knows maybe they’ll make Hoechlin shave and we’ll see flashback to when he was 13, 16, 18, 23 (pick age of you choice) when he’s madly, deeply (like Scott loved Allison) in love with Kate.

Have the PR tried to sell Derek and Kate as romantic? Eeesh, that’s low, I missed that. But yes, fully agree, it could manifest in any number of ways so not getting my hopes up just yet.

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sterek + seasons

photos: [x] [x] [x] [x]

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RPG Groups

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The Palm House in the palace park at Schönbrunn Palace, Hietzing, Vienna. 

Commissioned in 1882 by Emperor Franz Joseph. Architect: Franz Segenschmid. It is the largest palm house on the European continent, consisting of 45,000 panes of glass. The Palm House is divided into three pavilions, each with its own climate zone, which are connected by tunnel-like corridors. 

Photos: Rhiannon Boyle, flickr.

i have been here :D

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gryff-girl said: Helga was from Wales. Dwyn is the Welsh god of mischief and tricks.

Oh yep, the origins of the Founders is really important in my fic, particularly Helga and Salazar. That’s actually a cracking suggestion, you might have hit it on the head, Gryff. =D I’ve been flipping through the Mabinogion and Itinerarium Cambriae for suggestions because I really wanted a Welsh name, and I think that might be perfect. Eee, you’re the best!

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Anonymous: Malia... I think the major problem the fans have with her is that the writers are trying too hard for us to like her. They are trying to shove her down our throats and it's not working. And the result is that a good part of the fandom can't stand her, and we've just seen her three or four times.


The writers are like a family of moomins - trolls and not to be trusted.

The PR department aren’t helping, remember as well, a person being in the opening credits (and Kira is as well) does not mean they’re not evil

They did the exact same thing with Jennifer when she first appeared. Interviews with the cast and writers told us Derek and Jennifer’s relationship was real love, that we should be really excited for it yadda yadda, and it was anything but.

You know which new addition to the team they’ve not tried to shove down our throats and endlessly talk about love interests with? Kira. That should tell you there’s a difference between Kira’s future arc and Malia’s. When the show and the cast, and the crew tell you over and over again that you’re going to love this character and they’ll be the most amazing love interest for character X, that they’ll be this, that and the next thing, alarm bells should be ringing. It’s what they’re not talking about that we should pay attention to. =)

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